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The mission of the University of California Press is to advance scholarship and learning in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences by developing and disseminating books, journals, and digital resources of enduring value to inquiring readers, policymakers, library users, scholars, and students worldwide. For nearly 50 years, UC Press has partnered with The Mark Twain Project at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library to publish a comprehensive critical edition of Mark Twain's complete works. This partnership, along with the fact that the Regents of the University of California owns the exclusive rights to publish copyright-protected content produced by The Mark Twain Project, has made UC Press the world's foremost publisher of Twain's work.

Publication of this web site and of the Autobiography of Mark Twain has been made possible by a gift to the UC Press Foundation by Wilson Gardner Combs and Frank Marion Gifford Combs in honor of Wilson Gifford Combs and Maryanna Gardner Combs. University of California Press also gratefully acknowledges the support of John G. Davies.

The Mark Twain Papers

The world's largest archive of Mark Twain's writings is located at The Bancroft Library on the UC Berkeley campus. Working inside this archive is an award-winning team of scholars dedicated to collecting, preserving, understanding, editing and publishing authoritative critical editions of everything Mark Twain wrote, both in print and electronically as e-books and as an online reference (www.marktwainproject.org). The Mark Twain Project's editors are now producing the first complete and reliable edition of the Autobiography of Mark Twain.